simplify with gutenberg

Learn to use Gutenberg blocks to streamline your blogging process, create scroll-stopping blog posts and keep people on your website longer.

You've finally finished developing the recipe, taking photos and editing them. Now you're ready to write your blog post!

You write the introduction paragraph, insert your hero image and tell a brief story about the recipe.

Then your mind goes completely blank. You've already spent hours getting this blog post prepared and now that it's time to write the thing...

Writing your blog post doesn't have to be the worst part of being a food blogger.

simplify your blog post process


Step one: Master Gutenberg (the WordPress block editor) so that you can efficiently write your blog posts and SAVE TIME.

Step two: Create a blog post template so that you never have to start from scratch again.



Gutenberg is revolutionizing the blog post process by making it easier to reuse content pieces, create blog post templates and customize the way your blog post looks without any coding!

This is not just a pagebuilder. It’s an editor that uses the simplicity and ease of a pagebuilder, without the clunky design that can slow down your site.

what students are saying

Simplify with Gutenberg is one of the best investments I’ve made. When I first tried to use Gutenberg I was so confused and overwhelmed.

This course made it so much easier. It made transitioning over 400+ blog posts from the classic editor to the new editor so simple and now I can quickly write blog posts in the editor.

The blog post template trick is GAME CHANGING! Highly recommend it if you’re struggling with Gutenberg or just want to be more proficient!

-Liz Marino, The Clean Eating Couple

in this course, you'll learn how switch from the Classic Editor to Gutenberg use the (many) different block settings convert a old blog post over to Gutenberg create your blog post outline create reusable blocks create your own blog post template master Gutenberg


"The section of the course on creating a blog template has greatly simplified my workflow and cut down on the amount of time it takes to create a new post

It was super easy to create a template with the entire post already formatted, and it’s so easy to just paste the content and add the photos." -Brandi Wharton, Inspired Fresh Life

Spend less time styling your blog posts or worrying about coding. Master Gutenberg and you'll get back your time PLUS have scroll stopping blog posts to attract your readers!

Look at how easy it is to pull together your content for a blog post.

With Gutenberg you can style and customize your blog post content to add visual interest AND stop your readers in their scroll. 

I knew switching to Gutenberg was the right thing to do and something I couldn’t avoid forever, but I was scared. My blog is my full-time income and has been for over six years. So, I wasn’t looking forward to making any significant changes that could “break” my blog or would be too steep of a learning curve.

This course was a total game-changer for me. Not only did it give me the confidence to finally take the plunge into Gutenberg, but it completely revolutionized the way I blog.
Now, my blog posts have structure, organization and look much more appealing. Thanks to reusable blocks and templates, I can create blog posts in half the time.

I already see my SEO traffic increasing since making the switch to Gutenberg. I wish I switched to Gutenberg a long time ago!" -Tammy Overhoff, Organize Yourself Skinny


what's inside the course

Module One:
What is Gutenberg?

Module Two:
Enabling Gutenberg

Module Three:
Navigating the Gutenberg Editor

Module Four:
12 Gutenberg Blocks Tutorials

Module Five:
Your Blog Post Outline & Template

what students are saying

"Simplify with Gutenberg explained Gutenberg in terms anyone could understand. I am excited to use Gutenberg now, and I feel confident to jump right in."

-Chelsea Vetre, Chelsea Peachtree