Your website is the hub for all of the parts of your brand. It should create a seamless experience for your audience to connect with your brand, easily find the content they are looking for and become a part of your brand story.

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Imagine if your readers could easily find the exact recipe they needed, even if you have hundreds of recipes…

Imagine if you weren’t limited by a premade theme, giving you a website that looks like everyone else’s…

Imagine if you had a website that captured your ideal readers and turned them into loyal fans...

When new readers land on your website, it should be so easy to navigate and find content that they can't help but stick around.

This is what will keep people coming back.

What if you could spend more time creating recipes, not putting bandaids on an outdated website?

What if you had beautiful branding and a website that is designed down to the very last detail?

What if you could get your readers to visit more pages on your website and stick around longer?

You can have a beautiful website that connects you to your dream audience and helps them want to stick around. But a premade theme won’t get you there....


Hey there, I'm Madison!

After running my own food blog and serving countless food bloggers since 2015, I know how important it is to have a website that you can be proud of.

You need a website that will serve you now and as your food blog grows!

By considering your goals for your blog, your audience and how the pieces all work together, we can create a seamless experience for your audience on your website. And it can be stunning, too!

After working together, you'll have:

✦ Brand strategy to refine your core messaging to resonate with your audience and provide long term direction for your food blog

✦ Branding & logo design that aligns the heart of your business to your ideal reader

✦ Cohesive, thoughtfully designed website that lays out your content in an easy-to-find way

✦ First time visitors diving into more content and signing up for your email list so they don't miss a recipe!

Your website should instantly tell someone they are in the right place and help them find the perfect recipes for them.

Booking for October 2021 | Package Average: $11,500

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Working with Madison was simple and effective. The process was easy to move through which is important but the beautiful results are the key, of course. It was easy to explain my ideas even when they were not completely formed through her process so that she could then turn that into a design and site that people can move through and is easy on the eyes.

trusted by food bloggers since 2015


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CopyKat Recipes


One Lovely Life

Madison has a wealth of knowledge about food blogs and what WORKS....she also has a gentle way of guiding the process in a way that leads you to where you need to go to find the answers that are inside you. Madison made the process less scary, by breaking it down into manageable pieces and kept me on track. My blog is now super functional, streamlined and beautiful....I LOVE it.


You're ready for a new website if:

✦ Your branding is inconsistent across platforms and your website feels piecemealed together

✦ You've added bandaids over the years to fix your website but you still aren't happy with it 

✦ You have a lot of content and you hear reports that it is hard to search through it

✦ You've optimized everything you can on your website and your site speed is still slow

Ready for a beautiful website you can be proud of?

Booking for October 2021 | Package Average: $11,500

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