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Your website should create a seamless experience for your audience to connect with your blog, easily find the recipes they are looking for and take their next step.

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Imagine if your readers could easily browse hundreds of recipes and find exactly what they are looking for...

Imagine if you could easily swap out text, images and content on your website without hiring a developer every time... 

Imagine if you could turn your random pageviews from Google into loyal fans who keep coming back for more...

When new readers land on your website, it should be so easy to navigate and find content that they can't help but stick around.

This is what will keep people coming back.

What if you could spend less time checking Page Speed Insights and more time creating new content?

What if you could spend less time tinkering with your website and more time ON your business?

What if you could get your readers to visit more pages on your website and stick around longer?

You don't just need a website to help you qualify for an ad network, you need a custom website to convert pageviews into fans and help you keeping growing to 1 million pageviews and beyond.


Hey there, I'm Madison!

After running my own food blog and serving countless food bloggers since 2015, I know how important it is to have a website that you can be proud of.

You need a website that will serve you now and as your food blog grows!

By considering your goals for your blog, your audience and how the pieces all work together, we can create a seamless experience for your audience on your website. And it can be stunning, too!

After working together, you'll have:

✦ A more modern website design with more details and places for readers to engage

✦ Updated branding & logo design that aligns the heart of your business to your ideal reader

✦ First time visitors and return visitors diving into more content and signing up for your email list so they don't miss a recipe!

✦  A custom website that passes core web vitals and scores 90's and above on Page Speed Insights

Your website should instantly tell someone they are in the right place and help them find the perfect recipes for them.

Openings for June and October start dates | Web package starts at: $17,000

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shruthi, urbanfarmie.com

I really enjoyed the collaborative working style, as well as her ability to stay on top of communication so I always knew exactly what was happening each step of the way. Madison somehow managed to keep the whole process super streamlined, and executed it flawlessly. I also really appreciated how it was not just a transaction and could tell that she really wanted this to be successful on my behalf. I'd strongly recommend her to any food blogger friend who wants a redesign!

My website was slow and dated with too many patchwork fixes and add-ons that degraded the original intent. Now, the website is easier to navigate and more professional. It's built for whatever comes next.

Madison is professional, responsive and always very clear on what the process is and how to communicate effectively to get to the end goal.


Lisa, Garlic and Zest

trusted by food bloggers since 2015


A Cozy Kitchen


Cake n Knife


Glutenfree on a Shoestring


CopyKat Recipes


Garlic and Zest

Madison does such an amazing job at identifying what your ideal reader needs. Not only that, she really helped me to focus on my reader’s journey and made it so much easier for them to navigate my site. And she definitely nailed my branding too! I highly recommend Grace & Vine Studios if you’re looking to improve your site & user experience!


Mary, Boots & Hooves Homestead

You're ready for a new website if:

✦ You haven't updated your website in years and you're tired of tinkering with it

✦ You can't make changes to your website to create a better user experience for your readers

✦ You have hundreds of blog posts and you hear reports that it is hard to search through it

✦ You've optimized everything you can on your website and your site speed is still slow and you're failing core web vitals

Ready for a beautiful website you can be proud of?

Openings for June and October start dates | Web package starts at: $17,000

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