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Wouldn’t it be great if you got feedback from your audience when you shared a new recipe?

Are you tired of the rat race of creating content 24/7 only to hear crickets every time you share a new recipe?


Do you love the idea of helping your audience and inspiring them to try new recipes, but you’re not even sure who your ideal reader is?

Branding is the foundation of your food blog that will help you build a loyal audience...

A strategic logo is just the beginning.

What if you had 5 star reviews pouring in each time someone tries one of your recipes?

What if you had the confidence to share in a way that instantly connects you to your people?

What if you had a loyal audience that you could sell digital products and make money from your blog without having to constantly post new content?

This is exactly what’s possible for you when you stop trying to DIY your brand and finally achieve that cohesive branded look that instantly tells your ideal reader they’re in the right place.

That loyal audience you dream of is within your reach, but you need more than a logo to get there.


Hey there, I'm Madison!

After running my own food blog, I know how important it is to build a brand that can grow with you and that you can grow into.

By considering what your business looks like right now and what you want it to look like in a year or five years, we’ll create a brand that will represent you and speak to your ideal audience even as your food blog evolves.

Your branding should be so aligned with the heart behind your business that when the right audience lands on your website, they instantly feel at home

Investment $6000 | Completed in 3 days 🎉

After working together, you'll have:

✦ A refined niche that helps your ideal readers see themselves as part of your brand story.

✦ Core messaging that you can use over and over to resonate with your audience.

✦ Visual look and feel that will instantly tell your ideal reader that they’re in the right place. 

✦ First time visitors bookmarking your site and signing up for your email list so they don’t miss out on your content.

Investment $6000 | Completed in 3 days 🎉


Katie, Katie's Cucina

I absolutely loved working with Madison. Before, I never had a clear vision of my audience and how I could serve them. Madison really helped me narrow down and define my niche by asking tough questions I had never thought about before. She really challenged me to narrow down and zone in. I loved all her branding help and really like the refreshed look she gave my blog! Now I have more confidence in my blog’s mission and know exactly who my audience is.

here is how we get there

Pinterest Board

to understand what you want your brand to look and feel like visually


dig into your niche, your audience and what they are struggling with

strategy call

let's put the puzzle pieces together and define your core brand messaging

inspiration board

aligning the heart of your brand with how you want it to feel

branding presentation

the colors, fonts, and logo design plus the strategy and "why" behind them


I had been limping along with my branding "just getting by" with what I had. I didn't really have a true cohesiveness. I wanted something that resonated with my audience and could be used cohesively across all platforms. Madison NAILED IT!

Kara, Sweetly Splendid

the tangible files you will receive:

primary logo design


submark design


web & print files


launch graphics


style guide


You have less than a minute

...to capture a new visitor's attention before you lose them forever.

You know when someone hops onto your site in the middle of prepping dinner, they just want to get right to the recipe. 

The best way to stop that scroll habit and turn a random visitor from Google into a returning user and loyal fan is with branding designed with your perfect reader in mind.

Align the heart of your business with your ideal reader and turn those one-time visitors into your biggest fans through strategic brand design.

 Madison really has a knack for taking the ideas in your head and bringing it to life! Before working with Madison, nothing felt cohesive or meaningful with my branding and I struggled to share my message with brands. My updated branding has made me more confident to reach out to brands because everything feels cohesive. 


Teresa, Simply Made Fun

trusted by hundreds of food bloggers since 2015


Madison took my scattered ideas and formed them into the perfect branding for my website.  She was professional and so easy to work with and gave me several ideas to start off with until we were able to narrow it down to the perfect logo and colors for my site.  I would highly recommend Madison for logo design and branding. 

It’s time to uplevel your food blog with custom branding if:

✦ You’re ready to dig deep and discover who your ideal readers are so you can build a loyal following.

✦ You’re ready to stop trying to DIY your brand and finally achieve that cohesive, branded look you’ve been after for years.

✦ You’re ready to take your blog to the next level with passive income and brand partnerships.

✦ You’re ready to be able to speak about your blog with confidence and pitch collaborations with brands who will be dying to work with you.

If you want a designer who can design a personalized brand, based on YOU and your vision, then Grace and Vine Studios is the way to go. Madison was able to help me extract my brand identity and come up with a high-level brand design that matched my business. I love that Madison was able to understand what makes me unique from other food bloggers, and communicate that into a design that reflected me and the recipes I share. I love knowing that my site looks great and I can focus on creating content! 


Neena, Paint the Kitchen Red

Are you ready to uplevel your food blog with custom branding?

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